Israeli cellist Dan Weinstein was in Edirne Synagogue

In the context of the first ‘Violoncello Class Meeting’ in Turkey, hosted by Trakya University State Conservatory, the famous violoncellist Dan Weinstein performed an exquisite concert in Edirne Synagogue.
Israeli cellist Dan Weinstein was in Edirne Synagogue

The ‘Mediterranean Violoncello Class Meeting’ which was organized for the fourth time this year, took place from July 15th until 20th in Edirne. As a part of this organization, Israeli artist Prof. Dan Weinstein performed a solo cello concert consisting of contemporary and modern pieces. 

Weinstein, who played works of various contemporary composers, finished the concert with Turkish composer Canberk Duman’s piece.  

The artist, saying “I am very happy to be in Turkey where my family’s roots are,” expressed that he was in a synagogue in Turkey for the first time. Weinstein added, “My mother was born in Istanbul and my grandfather was born in Bursa. Turkey is where my roots are and I’m very happy to be here. I heard that the Grand Synagogue of Edirne had been burnt in the past and it was in a bad shape. It was rebuilt by the Foundations and it is very beautiful; thank you. With this concert I now have realized my dream of giving a concert in a synagogue.” 

ITU (Istanbul Technical University) State Conservatory Director, Balkan Symphony Orchestra’s Conductor, General Art Director and Trakya University’s Assistant Rector, Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer stated that instructors and students from Israel, Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey took part in the project. Zafer added “Our students are learning magical notes from the world-renowned masters. They can join these trainings for free. At the same time, they can share their cultures with students from other countries. 

Turkish Jewish Community’s one of the previous term directors Silvyo Ovadya, expressed that the synagogue was rebuilt by the General Management of Foundations and he was very happy to see the cultural reactions to wonderful concerts like these. 

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