Middle Age Antisemitism from the Turkish Newspaper

The article named “The dogs at the Beykoz Göksu Houses” that was sent by a reader and was published in the Yeni Akit newspaper in Turkey, received huge reactions.
Middle Age Antisemitism from the Turkish Newspaper

Mustafa Yeneroğlu, AK Party’s Istanbul Deputy, was one of the many people who reacted to this article. Yeneroğlu said that the article was instigating antisemitism and added “this is the language of the Nazis.” He shared his thoughts about this article in his Twitter account saying; 

“People who are wondering how racism is being spread in a disgusting way, and how hate is being formed, should read this so called “news”Jewish people in Istanbul are making their dogs attack Muslims!!! This is the language of the Nazis. Muslims are also sometimes the target of this kind of language. 

It is really devastating to see in my country, Jews’ and Christians’ having to deal with this kind of language, which Muslims are facing all the time in Europe. A Muslim cannot be racist, a Muslim cannot spread hate, a Muslim cannot fabricate fake news. A Muslim, above everything, is honest and fair!!!” 

Markar Esayan, AK Party delegate, also shared a tweet reacting to the article. In his tweet Esayan said; 

“It is not possible to understand this hatred towards Jews. Islam prohibits racism. Akit newspaper’s using this racist article is another level of weirdness. This is not the language or mentality of our civilization. I am disapproving and condemning it.”

In the article claimed to have been written by the reader Iclal Yalçınlar, statements like “Sephardic Jews had lived hidden in Spain for 400 years. When they put the children in barrels with nails, rolled them and made them bleed, Spanish people found it out and revolted.” were written, which remind us very much of the antisemitism in the middle ages.

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