Akdamar Holy Cross Church, through Izzet Keribar’s Lens

The photography exhibition where the wonderful photos of Akdamar Church by Izzet Keribar are displayed, was opened on July 23rd, in the Hagia Irene Church.
Akdamar Holy Cross Church, through Izzet Keribar’s Lens

A new project, aiming to reveal Turkey’s historic heritage to the world, along with its geographic wonders, has begun with the initiative of Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Directorate of Communications. As the first step of this project, a photography exhibition of Akdamar Holy Cross Church, was opened on July 23rd.

The exhibition named ‘Akdamar through Izzet Keribar’s Lens’, received a big attention. The opening cocktail of the exhibition took place in the Hagia Irene Church located in the Topkapı Museum.  

Private Secretary of the Directorate of Communications Dr. Çağatay Özdemir, Armenian Patriarch Sahak Maşalyan, Governor of Van Mehmet Emin Bilmez, Chief Rabbi of Turkey Rabbi Isak Haleva and many art lovers attended the opening.

Akdamar Holy Cross Church that was built during the 10th century, is the only structure standing from that period. The church is located on the Akdamar Island (also known as Aghtamar) on Lake Van, in the province of Van. Lake Van is the biggest lake in Turkey and it is situated in Eastern Anatolian Region.  

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