Research has concluded: No change in Foreign Policy Perception

Results have been revealed of Kadir Has University’s 2019 ‘Research on Public Perceptions on Foreign Policy’ which is conducted every year. According to the research while Azerbaijan is seen as the closest friend of Turkey, the relations with U.S. is noted as the biggest problem of Turkish Foreign Policy.
Research has concluded: No change in Foreign Policy Perception

To the question “What is the most important issue of Turkish foreign policy?” 20.6% of the participants answered ‘relations with United States of America’, 18.3% answered ‘Trans-border terrorism’. While last year Syrian Civil War was seen as the most important issue, this year it is down to third rank. 

Regarding the agenda 

In regard to the subject of Turkey’s buying the S-400 missiles from Russia, 44% of the participants said that they should be purchased despite NATO’s objections and USA’s threats of sanction and 24.9% argued that they shouldn’t be. When asked what should be the policy towards refugees, 57.6% of the participants said that we should stop receiving refugees. 

According to the survey 46% of the participants said that “Turkey is an Islamic country”. 17.6% of the participants are portraying Turkey as a European country while 16.3% is saying that Turkey is a Middle Eastern country. 

Friend Azerbaijan; enemy USA and Israel 

To the question “Which country is the closest friend of Turkey?” 65.3% answered as Azerbaijan. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Central Asian Turkic states followed Azerbaijan. 

Among the countries that are seen as a threat to Turkey, first place belongs to USA with 81.3% (last year the percentage was 60.2). Likewise, while last year 54.4% of the participants saw Israel as a threat, this year Israel is ranked second again, this time with 70.8%. 

Supporting the EU, NATO membership should continue 

While in 2018, 55.1% of the participants said yes to the question “Do you support Turkey’s membership to the EU?”, this year 61.1% of them said yes to the same question. 60.8% of the participants said that Turkey’s NATO membership should continue. 


The survey of the study was conducted by a team coordinated by Prof. Mustafa Aydın from the International Relations Department of Kadir Has University, consisting of Prof. Sinem Açıkmeşe, Prof. Mitat Çelikpala, Soli ÖzelDr.Cihan Dizdaroğlu, and M. Gökcan Kösen. It took place from May 27th till June 20th in 26 cities, by talking face to face with 1000 people aged 18 years and above.

If you want to view the results of the research, please click the picture below




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