‘Hermana’ will be shown in the Museum

The documentary about the Ankara Jews, ‘Hermana’ will be shown in The Quincentenial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews.
‘Hermana’ will be shown in the Museum

Even as the summer starts, events go on in the Museum of Turkish Jews. There continues to be a lot of interest for the “Sunday Events in the Museum” which include concerts, film showings and conferences. 

In this context, the documentary ‘Hermana’ that tells about the little-known social and economic history of Ankara Jews, is going to be shown on Sunday, June 30th. The Award-winning film, directed by Enver Arcak, is a very important source in the museum’s archive.  

On the day of Hermana’s showing Arcak will be present there, to give information about the production process and answer any questions viewers may have. 

After this event, The Museum of Turkish Jews will give a short break to its events until September. 

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