Bahar Feyzan’s novel “Struma” was republished

Not ‘being detached’ but being able to live the ‘althoughs’ is what makes love alive...
Bahar Feyzan’s novel “Struma” was republished

Love is just a matter of decision, after that the only thing you should do is, hold hands... 

“Struma - Passenger of Love (Struma - Aţk Yolcusu)” was Bahar Feyzan’s first novel. It tells about a sad love story from Berlin to Istanbul, at the same time portraying the Struma disaster, a tragic story during World War II.

Feyzan’s novel which was the result of three years of her research, was edited and published again, due to high request.

In the novel based on true events, a Turkish doctor, Izak Levi, living in Berlin during World War II, is able to lead a comfortable life, thanks to the privilege of Hüsrev Gerede, the Turkish Ambassador of the time. Events take a U-turn when he falls in love with a woman named Victoria. Izak and Victoria tries to run away from the Nazi persecution in wartime Germany, through Romania, on a ship named Struma. This long and painful journey for love and for life unfortunately ends with the Struma disaster.

Struma disaster, though it happened near the shores of Istanbul, wasn’t really known to many people. Bahar Feyzan, with her novel, once again, is helping this disaster make known to a bigger audience.

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