‘Ashkenazim in Turkey - from Past to Present’ Exhibition opened

The permanent exhibition ‘Ashkenazim in Turkey - from Past to Present’ was opened in Schneidertempel Arts Center on the evening of Monday May 20th.
‘Ashkenazim in Turkey - from Past to Present’ Exhibition opened

This exhibition is a product of the joint local history and memory project of Cultural Awareness Improvement Foundation and Yüksekkaldırım Ashkenazi Jewish Synagogue Foundation that have been working together since February 2019. 

The writer/artist Izel Rozental gave the opening speech in the opening ceremony of the exhibition, in the presence of a big crowd. In his opening speech, Rozental spoke about the formation process and thanked everyone who had a part in this process that really needed a huge amount of work. Following his speech, Rabbi Mendy Chitrik also shared his emotions and enthusiasm with the crowd. 

In this exhibition, only a part of the historical and cultural material that had been gathered from people’s memoirs, family albums, institute archives will be able to be displayed. The rest of this rich and valuable history will be able to be observed on the project website and the printed leaflets. New information and materials will continue to be added to this exhibition database even after it is opened to public, as it is intended to carry the characteristics of a ‘living archive’. Thanks to this characteristic, Ashkenazim from all over the world, will have the chance to enrich this social history by adding their memoirs, experiences and photos to this permanent exhibition, thus making it a living archive. 

A temporary exhibition in the main hall of the arts center, relating to the same theme and which will last through the summer, will also accompany this permanent exhibition. 

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