‘Djoha’ Stories in the Quincentennial Museum

As one of the Sunday activities in the Quincentennial Foundation Turkish Jews Museum, on April 28th a performance in Ladino about the ‘Djoha’ (Nasreddin Hoca) Stories was presented.
‘Djoha’ Stories in the Quincentennial Museum

Silvyo Ovadya, who became President of the Quincentennial Museum at the beginning of this year, brought on a fresh look and feel to it with the various activities done every week, both culture and publicity-wise. 

One of the most popular personalities in Sephardic traditional culture is ‘Djoha (Nasreddin Hoca)’. ‘Djoha’ stories have passed from generation to generation by word-of-mouth. Djoha is a very funny personality as well as being very wise. He is so wise –in a crazy kind of way- that he has the ability to educate people while making them laugh. He has a wide range of story subjects like human psychology, way of life, business life, family life and many more. 

During the activity Anna Eskenazi introduced ‘Djoha’. Following this introduction, Forti Barokas, Ţeli Gaon and Suzet Herman told different Djoha stories in Judeo-Espanyol language. While telling the stories, they adapted the stories to this day making everyone laugh. Anri Çiprut translated the stories told in Ladino into Turkish. 

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