Miniature 2.0: Miniature in Contemporary Art

Pera Museum´s new exhibition ´Miniature 2.0: Miniature in Contemporary Art´ curated by Azra Tüzünoğlu and Gülce Özkara, is now open for visit.
Miniature 2.0: Miniature in Contemporary Art
Saira Wasim, Silent Plea, 2018 (Courtesy of the Artist)

Translation by Janet MITRANI

The exhibition bringing together the pieces presenting a new point of view to the miniature art, is questioning the 'contemporary miniature' and its dynamics that have been turned into a living art form by artists from various countries, through forms such as sculpture, video, textile, photography, and installation. The exhibition emphasizing on issues like colonialism, orientalism, economic inequality, gender, politics of identity, discrimination, social violence, compulsory migration, and representation, will be open until January 17th, 2021.

The artists participating in the exhibition are: Hamra Abbas, Rashad Alakbarov, Halil Altındere, Dana Awartani, Fereydoun Ave, CANAN, Noor Ali Chagani, Cansu Çakar, Hayv Kahraman, Imran Qureshi, Nilima Sheikh, Shahpour Pouyan, Shahzia Sikander, and Saira Wasim.

Miniature 2.0: Miniature in Contemporary Art

(image by) Hayv Kahraman, Nabog, 2014 © Hayv Kahraman. Courtesy of the Artist, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York,
VELMETTER, Los Angeles, and The Third Line, Dubai.

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