Pirates of the Caribbean invaded Suada Island

The Purim Party organized every year with a different theme thanks to the selfless hard work of Rabbi Mendy Chitrik was held at Suada Island this year, with the theme Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirates of the Caribbean invaded Suada Island

After months of hard work, the party once again hosted a huge crowd. Boats hailing from Kurucesme port to Suada Island every two minutes carried over thousands of guests, including young boys and girls, parents, babies and even elderly people. 

The guests were greeted with a gift box, each one containing red pirate scarves, eye-patches, and pirate earrings.  Every little detail including colorful ragged-looking fabrics hanging from the entrance door, flags on the inside and decoration theme reflected the theme of this year’s party. 

The cheerful music and light shows made everyone feel the joy of the Purim holiday. The guests also enjoyed Aviran Shukrun and Israeli music group Idan Hadas’ traditional songs and some of the guests even sang along. 

The guests and especially the children enjoyed various entertaining activities including inflatable pirate ships, pirate slides, pirate make-up, face painting, plate spinning, making balloons, and peg legged man show. At least three generations got together at the Purim Party at Suada Island, this year. At the all-day event, children, parents and even grandparents found an activity that they enjoyed.

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