Seyfi Işman´s New Art Exhibition at Bariş Manço Culture Center

The art exhibition titled ´Encounters/Intersections´ by dentist Seyfi Işman who is interested closely in many fields of art, can be visited all through January at the Bariş Manço Culture Center in Kadiköy, Istanbul.
Seyfi Işman´s New Art Exhibition at Bariş Manço Culture Center

Translation by Janet MITRANI

Seyfi Işman, about his art exhibition consisting of colorful abstract paintings and possessing a philosophical theme, stated:

"Starting with the day we are born, we encounter many people and intersect many incidents. No encounter or intersection, no perception or notion is by chance. All of these have happened to be able to adapt to what happened to us and learn from it. All the shapes in my paintings symbolize our encounters/intersections with incidents or each other, and sometimes our overlaps. The copper and brass rods over the paintings will in time darken and even rust, but isn't it up to us to make them shine once again with a little touch? Just like we cleanse our lives off the stuff that does not go well."

The artist while he calls attention to the importance of awareness, being able to check out what we are going through with a deep perception, and being in the flow, he is conveying these thoughts of his via his artworks.

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