Personal Tension

Salom writer İdil Hazan Kohen has published her first book, ‘Personal Tension’. If you have ever been involved with personal improvement and yet you’ve gotten tense instead of getting improved, or if you have completed your personal improvement impeccably and have mastered in being tolerant to some of the leading doctrines that just don’t fit in your personal approach, I invite you to Idil Hazan Kohen’s laughter-guaranteed world.
Personal Tension
Kandiyoti and Kohen

We know you from your interviews with extreme sports athletes and articles that you write with your unique style about sailing, tennis and golf, in other words all kinds of sports that make the readers say “hooray it’s not football”.  Have you always dreamed of writing a book?

Yes, I guess I have. You know there’s a saying, “stupid enough to throw away an easy life”. Each time the urge to start writing found me at my easy Iife, it poked me, but to no avail. Unfortunately, my urge always hit a wall either due to my busy life or daily hassle and had to retreat to my subconscious. However, lately it has been more persistent. So, when I realized there was nothing else to stop it, I started writing.

It’s a huge success that Dogan Publications has published your book. Can you tell us the process starting with the idea of writing a book until the book’s release?

The idea to write a book and the subject developed, simultaneously. I started to feel like a peninsula surrounded by personal development specialists. I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, but first I had to do some research about the subject, read a lot and even attend a few seminars. The research part was longer than the writing part. When they told me finding a publisher would take even longer, I even thought about sending a message to the universe, although I bet the universe would move my message to spam folder once it saw the title of my book! So, instead I decided to send that message to the publisher that I set my heart on. Initially, I sent my book to Dex Publication, a subsidiary of Dogan Publications. They responded very quickly! I have probably read the e-mail they’ve sent me telling me they want to publish my book, 20 times. And every time I’ve read it, I felt the same joy and happiness. If I read that e-mail now, I’d still have a huge grin on my face...

What’s your problem with personal improvement?

Actually, I have no problem with personal improvement.  On the contrary, it is a good thing that people want to improve themselves and try to exceed their own limits. However, those who are too much involved in these can be overwhelming since they try to include everyone they come across with in their own frontiers. When that happens, people instantly feel the need to escape to undiscovered islands where these issues could not pass through.

Even though you take a humorous approach to personal improvement trend, to even write a joke about this trend requires a certain level of knowledge. Have you personally attended such events, or did you write your book based on hearsay?

Before writing this book, I’ve tried most of the techniques. I’ve read about them and even talked to coaches, trainers. However, I never had the intention to exploit them or hide behind spy goggles. On the contrary, rather than spying, I tried to really understand and focus on these methods. However, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. When you do, there comes Dila. (The main female character in the book)

Will there be a sequence?

Dila (the main character of the book) is a restless, bouncy rascal. I’m sure, she’ll find trouble somewhere and I will be writing about it.

If there is an offer, would you consider your book to be made into a movie? Who would play Dila?

I’m already getting offers for my book to be made into a movie or TV series. Of course, I am positive about it. It’s a great feeling. A character I created and loved will come to life. She will have a chance to reach much more people. Some people tell me I should play Dila, but I already have someone in my mind who is a professional and fun actress. I won’t reveal her name; let it be a surprise...


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