1100 people hosted at Iftar dinner in Edirne

The fourth annual Iftar Dinner hosted by Turkish Jewish Community and Turkey’s Chief Rabbinate was given this week, once again in the city of Edirne. 1100 people attended the Iftar dinner, this year.
1100 people hosted at Iftar dinner in Edirne

Edirne Governor Gunay Ozdemir gave a speech before the Iftar. He said, “Under the shadow of Selimiye Mosque, our Iftar dinners are being hosted by various benefactors for 30 days, in various formats. I would like to thank all our benefactors. I believe this Iftar Dinner sets a beautiful example for everyone to see how people with different faiths and opinions can live together in harmony, in Edirne and in Turkey. This shall set an example for the whole World. I hope in the future, peace and tranquility will conquer the world incrementally through such events.”

Also speaking at the event, Leader of Turkish Jewish Community Ishak Ibrahimzadeh said, “We are happy to be hosting Iftar Dinner in Edirne for the fourth consecutive year. We would like to thank the Office of Edirne Governor, Edirne Municipality, General Directorate for Foundations’ Edirne Regional Directorate and Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation for their support.  We are also very happy to see more people from Edirne attending this event each year. With this event, we find the opportunity to thank the people of Edirne. I hope, this warm atmosphere and joy in Edirne will spread to all parts of Turkey. I would like to thank all those who attended.”

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