A computer “mouse” designed for people who don’t have hands

A computer “mouse” designed for people who don’t have hands

UOML (Ulus Private Jewish High School) graduate Yosi Kohen Kutucu, who is currently studying at British Columbia University in Canada, won second place in an engineering competition. His winning project is a gadget specially designed for people who has no hands and/or fingers and for people who cannot use their hands due to medical reasons. The gadget can be easily attached to a regular computer mouse.  

Yosi Kohen Kutucu had won various awards at science and design competitions while he was studying at UOML. He had also donated computers, he himself had designed, to Hope for Children with Cancer Foundation. 

In 2015, Kutucu developed a battery that can recharge itself using radio frequency energy found in air and sun. He represented Turkey at Intel ISEF with his Project “Electromagnetic Radiation Hunter” and with the same project he won second place in National Invention Competition organized at Basaksehir Living Lab.



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