Bar-Mitzvah Celebration from Semes Karmiel

Bar-Mitzvah Celebration from Semes Karmiel

Semes Karmiel Dance Group, bringing together Turkish Jewish Community’s amateur dancers with a professional spirit from all ages gave a performance on its 13th anniversary and the theme was Bar-Mitzvah.  On March 24th, a total of 333 dancers gave a spectacular performance at Besiktas Municipality’s Mustafa Kemal Center. 

The dance group that celebrated its 13th anniversary with a Bar-Mitzvah themed performance had a record number of dancers this year. 287 dancers of the total of 333 dancers were from Istanbul. 

The Dance Group once again worked with General Coordinator Verda Hason Darsa and Art Director Shlomo Maman. This year the group had guests. In Alp Alkas’ memory whom we lost in 2012, Galgalim Rishon Dance Company, Alp’s favorite dance group, took the stage as guest dancers, this year. 32 dancers, 16 of them in wheelchairs, gave a touching performance. Semes Karmiel’s sister dance group Tel Aviv University Dance Group also joined Semes Karmiel on its Bar-Mitzvah celebration. There were 18 dancers in the group 4 of which were Turkish. 

As part of the show, little dancers aged 5-6 put on a successful performance. Other different age groups also put on performance both as separate groups and together. Some of the dancers in 30+ group had the chance to be on stage with their children. 

All tickets were sold out for the night.  Semes Karmiel’s performance including traditional Horon dance received a standing ovation from the audience.

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