Jewish Martyrs of Canakkale War Commemorated

On March 18th Canakkale Martyrs Memorial Day, the Jewish citizens who lost their lives in World War I and Canakkale War were commemorated at a ceremony which was held at Acibadem Jewish Cemetery.
Jewish Martyrs of Canakkale War Commemorated

In the year 2010, Hemdat Israel Synagogue Foundation had built a mausoleum inside Acibadem Uzuncayir Cemetery for Jewish soldiers of Ottoman Empire who fought and died in World War I. It was then decided to organize a memorial service every year in the month of March. 

This year at the ceremony which was held on Sunday March 18th, Rav Yeuda Leon Adoni, Burak Cetinkas on behalf of Kadikoy Municipality, former executives of Hemdat Israel Synagogue Foundation Mordo Kumruluku and Mayir Saranga along with a large number of Turkish Jewish Community members were present. 



‘Canakkale War- World War I and Ottoman Jews’ Exhibition Opens 

‘Canakkale War-World War I and Ottoman Jews’ Exhibition organized by the Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews opened on March 15th, at Canakkale Mekor Hayim Synagogue.  The travelling exhibition features historic documents and artifacts belonging to Jewish cultural heritage on Turkish soil. The travelling exhibition will be open to visitors until April 15th. Canakkale Mekor Hayim Jewish Synagogue Foundation hosts the travelling exhibition as part of Canakkale War Victory activities. Canakkale is the exhibition’s sixth stop.  70 percent of a total of 66 documents and artifacts displayed in the exhibition are of foreign origin. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chairman of Synagogue Foundation Sami Kumru gave brief information about the history of Jews who lived in Canakkale. Kumru then adding that the 150-year-old synagogue was hosting an exhibition for the first time said, “Our synagogue is open on religious holidays. For the past 10 years, our synagogue has also been hosting visitors every day in business hours. This synagogue we are in still continues to serve us.” 

After, Kumru’s speech, curator of the exhibition, Metin Delevi explained how this exhibition came to life. Canakkale Mayor Ulgur Gokhan, who also gave a speech at the ceremony, emphasized the significant cultural contributions of Jewish people living in the city and added that these historic contributions must never be forgotten.


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