UOMO students developed a fire extinguishing drone

Ulus Jewish High School’s 9th grade students Yusuf Ozsalom, Irem Kamhi, Pelin Avramoglu and Moti Barokas developed a fire extinguishing drone that could be used specifically at spaces where firefighters cannot physically reach. The team’s drone, which they named “The Fire-Fighting Drone”, attracted national media’s attention and the Project had a wide coverage in media.
UOMO students developed a fire extinguishing drone

After developing the fire extinguishing drone, UOMO students completed the beta testing phase. The team’s next goal is to expand the capabilities of the drone by arming it with fire extinguishing chemicals that are used by firefighters.  

Speaking on behalf of the team, Yusuf Ozsalom said that their dream was to develop a drone that would be beneficial for people in general. “Today, there are numerous skyscrapers surrounding our cities. In the case of a fire, under normal circumstances, it’s very challenging for the firefighters to fight the flames on the top floors. Our drone has been designed to help fight the fires in high territories and make those territories safe. What we have now is a prototype. We will continue developing this prototype.”  

UOMO Education Coordinator Rone Kaspi congratulated the students and their teachers and said, 

“Our students have been working with non-governmental organizations and taking special courses that support and enhance their thinking skills. In the recent years, as our school invests increasingly more in technology, our students started demonstrating their creativity with various technological initiatives. I am proud of our students who with their sense of social responsibility try to find solutions to social issues and those who accomplish innovative projects.”

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