‘Beyond the Duty’ Exhibition opened at Neve Salom Synagogue Culture Center

‘Beyond the Duty’ Exhibition opened at Neve Salom Synagogue Culture Center
Spanish Ambassador Rafael Mendivil & Exhibition Creator Nisya Allovi

A group of honorable Spanish diplomats who were working at Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry during the Holocaust period in Europe had saved thousands of Jews from being deported or executed. Those Jews would have faced an inevitable death if not for those diplomats who saved them impartially with no expectations of any personal gain. Many Jews, who were subjected to both legal and physical persecution due to their ethnicity, had witnessed the solidarity and humanitarianism these Spanish diplomats working at several Spanish diplomatic missions portrayed towards them. These diplomats who were working for Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry chose to pursue a path to morality, honesty and integrity.   

These diplomats have challenged and defied Nazi barbarism and interpreted the instructions coming from Madrid generously to draw up documents for protection, release the prisoners, provide a safe place to hide, assist their escape and plan for return to their countries. 

To keep their memories alive and commemorate these honorable diplomats who without a doubt deserve the highest respect and acclamation, Spanish Embassy and the Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews jointly opened the exhibition ‘Beyond the Duty’ last Wednesday January the 3rd.  

The exhibition will be open to visitors between January 4-17 at Neve Salom Synagogue Culture Center. 



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