“Fabric/ate” Exhibition Suits Schneidertemple Perfectly

“Fabric/ate” Exhibition Suits Schneidertemple Perfectly

Schneidertempel Art Center (SAC) started the new season on September 11th with the exhibition “Fabric/ate”.

At the opening night, the Art Center’s decor was embellished with colorful fabrics and the walls were adorned with different types of clothes sewn by artists, giving the venue a carnival-like ambiance. The three visual artists, Gili Avissar (Israel), Stephanie Müller (Germany) and Lisa Simpson (Brazil) used fabrics as medium and created custom installations specific to SAC. These installations also attributed to the history of the center that was originally built as a synagogue by Ashkenazi Jewish Tailor Guild in the Ottoman period. 

At the crowded opening, there was a live music performance “The Duet of Amplified Sewing Machines” by Müller and Simpson, where they made music making clothes with the sewing machines. They were accompanied by Gili Avissar.

The exhibition curated by Tuce Erel will be open until October 7th.

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