Deputy Prime Minister: “There are no minorities, everyone is a citizen”

Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak who attended Iftar Dinner hosted by Minority Foundations said, “There no minorities in Turkey. Everyone is a first-class original citizen.”
Deputy Prime Minister: “There are no minorities, everyone is a citizen”

Last Thursday evening, Minority Foundations held an Iftar Dinner at Istanbul MAREV (Mardin Education and Research Center). 

This year, at the traditional Iftar Dinner hosted every year by Minority Foundations, Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak, AKP Deputy Chairperson Mehdi Eker, Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin, Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas, Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomeus, Armenian Patriarch’s Locum Tenens Archbishop Karekin Bekciyan, Chief Rabbi of Turkish Jews Rav Isak Haleva, The Syrian Orthodox Patriarch’s Locum Tenens Yusuf Cetin, Beyoglu Syrian Kadim Church Foundation President Sait Susin were among the guests. 

After breaking the fast, key guests gave speeches highlighting the fact that different faiths are the source of cultural wealth and everyone in this country, regardless of their faith, are Turkish citizens. 

 This land is our common land 

Deputy Prime Minister said, “I can never accept the classification of citizens as minority or majority. There are no minorities in Turkey. Everyone is a first- class original citizen. We have to use the term minority due to reasons based on Treaty of Lausanne. This land is our common land. This flag is our common flag. On this land, there is enough space for all of us. We will never allow hate crimes. We are all children of this land, this country.  God willing, we will overcome all your problems together. On July 15th, you kept this country, this flag, this government tall. I am hoping that this unity will continue until the end of time. “ 

 Compassion instead of hate, tolerance instead of violence 

AKP Deputy Chairperson Mehdi Eker said, “The essence of all Monotheistic religions is the same, their values are common. The common point of the messages conveyed to people by Prophets Jesus, Moses or Muhammad is ‘compassion’. Therefore, we must improve ourselves and put forth compassion instead of hate, tolerance instead of violence and understand one another. We as AK Party have always put the importance of living together, upfront.’’



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