Turkish Jewish Community Hosts Annual Iftar Dinner in Edirne

Turkish Jewish Community Hosts Annual Iftar Dinner in Edirne

This year Turkish Jewish Community’s annual Iftar dinner was held in Edirne. Nearly 1.200 people attended the dinner which was held in a special tent built next to Selimiye Mosque. 

Among the people who attended the Iftar dinner were Deputy Governor of Edirne Beyazit Tunc, Deputy Mayor of Edirne Cigdem Gegeoglu, the Imam of Uc Serefeli Mosque Huseyin Cerrah, Regional Director of General Directorate of Foundations Osman Guneren, Edirne’s Cultural Director Ahmet Hacioglu, Director of Edirne Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation Hicran Bali, members of the press, Edirne residents and people visiting Edirne from neighboring cities.

At the Iftar dinner, Turkish Jewish Community was represented by Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva, Leader of Turkish Jewish Community Ishak Ibrahimzadeh and representatives of the Turkish Jewish Community. 

Chief Rabbi Haleva, speaking at the Iftar dinner stated that Ramadan is the greatest gift given to the Muslim world. He added, "I am hoping that this scene of unity portrayed here shall be a role model for the whole world. Muslim world and Jewish world have many common values. The times we live in present an opportunity. Let’s unite and live together in this country like brothers and sisters. Our views may be different, but ultimately, we are brothers and sisters. There may be a difference of opinion among brothers and sisters, but they can still sit at the same table. That’s the point. Iftar means sitting at the same table, sharing the same bread and the same feelings.”

Ishak İbrahimzadeh, also speaking said that as Turkish Jewish Community they have been hosting Iftar dinner in Edirne for the past 3 years and that they are happy to share their table with their brothers and sisters from other faiths. 

After the Ezan, people broke their fast while Imam Cerrah recited a prayer. 

Jews coming to Edirne from Istanbul, got together at Edirne Synagogue for Minha prayer before attending the Iftar dinner.

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