This year once again Shavuot was celebrated at Italian Synagogue with great joy

This year once again Shavuot was celebrated at Italian Synagogue with great joy

As every year, Italian Synagogue (also known as Kal de Los Francos) was adorned with white carnations for the Shavuot holiday, this year. Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva, Israeli Consul General Shai Cohen, number of representatives from Turkish-Jewish organizations and members of Turkish Jewish Community attended the ceremony. After the morning tefilla, Children’s Choir Estreyikas d’Estambol led by Izzet Bana along with vocalist Cenk Rofe gave a memorable performance. The choir consisting of boys between the ages 8-11 wore white shirts and same colour kippahs. Cefi Yusuf Saglamlar accompanied the choir at keyboard/piano. 

Following Gabbai (Shamash) Misel Horada’s welcome speech, Rifat Behar, Italian Jewish Community Leader, gave a speech and expressed his pride for hosting yet another Shavuot Holiday celebration at the Italian Synagogue. “With Torah given to Moshe Rabbeinu at Mount Sinai, Judaism was accepted as a religion and with the commandments and prohibitions that led our lives, the aim was to reach individual perfection. Let’s hope that the prayers we say under the roof of this synagogue are accepted by God and let God lead our way.”

Taking the stand following Rifat Behar, Moris Levi, Vice President of Turkish Jewish Community gave a speech. At his speech, he embellished with his memories, he mentioned that Jewish community prioritized education at all times. 

Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva also gave a speech where he said “Wherever they are, Jews all around the world are influenced by the local culture, cuisine, lifestyle etc. However, there is one thing that is never changed. It’s the Torah.” 

The ceremony ended after Hazzan Simon Asayas read the Anoten Prayer. The guests then attended the reception.

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