Saar Asamayim Synagogue hosted Caricaturist Salih Memecan

Saar Asamayim Synagogue hosted Caricaturist Salih Memecan

On Wednesday evening April 26th, Saar Asamayim Synagogue hosted caricaturist Salih Memecan and his wife Nursuna Memecan who served as AKP MP for two terms. 

Before the chat session, guests were offered treats at open buffet catered by La Casa Catering and organized by Izzet Kamhi. 

Salih Memecan, born in Giresun on September 2, 1952, graduated from Ortadogu Technical University where he majored in Architecture. Memecan later had his masters degree at the same university and his doctorate at Pennsylvania University on Fullbright scholarship. He is the creator of Bizimcity, an animated cartoon series that aired on ATV and published at Sabah Daily Newspaper as caricature series. His caricature series Lemon and Olive has been published at Sabah Daily Newspaper for 25 years. The same series is also being aired on Disney Channel as animated cartoon series. 

At the chat session Salih Memecan explained his journey throughout his career as a caricaturist. The guests enjoyed his subtle wit and keen style as he also explained how despite his achievements his academic career was shadowed by his skills as a caricaturist. His caricatures have been published in international media since he was a young man. His caricatures are also being published in 15 different media outlets in USA. The guests applauded Memecan not only because he was a famous Turkish caricaturist, but also because he was an internationally acclaimed artist. Memecan added that due to world’s changing approach to caricature, he unfortunately decided to discontinue his caricature series Bizimcity. 


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