Semeş Karmiel once again mesmerized its audience

On Saturday evening April 1st, with the contributions of Besiktas Municipality and the presence of Besiktas Mayor Murat Hazinedar, Semel Karmiel’s dance performance was put on stage at Mustafa Kemal Cultural Center. This was the 12th consecutive year Semes Karmiel performed.
Semeş Karmiel once again mesmerized its audience

Before the performance, Murat Hazinedar gave a speech where he explained that he is very well aware that diverse cultures living together is what enriches a community. He also added that Turkish Jews have been one of the communities that have added the most value to these lands for over 500 years.  Hazinedar with regards to young generations at university age mostly preferring to study abroad said, “It is very important for my child’s future that your children’s bonds to these lands are not broken.” 

This year for the first time Semes Karmiel dance company led by General Director and Choreographer Verda Hason Darsa included a junior dance group consisting of 55 children. The rest of the dance group consisted of dancers between the ages 18-50. Nearly 750 people watched the show. 

The adorable dance show of dancers aged 6-7 and 8-9-10 and the Ose Shalom dance performed by 70 dancers all on stage at once mesmerized the audience. The final salute of 125 dancers while Hava Nagila was playing received a standing ovation. Uriel Shlomi with his songs and Alexander Bronsky with his violin accompanied Semes Karmiel on stage. 

The dance company has been training with Israeli Art Director and Choreographer Shlomo Maman for the past five months. Semes Karmiel will represent Turkey at festivals in Israel on May and August. 


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