Chat with Opinion Leaders at Saar Asamayim Synagogue

Chat with Opinion Leaders at Saar Asamayim Synagogue

On Thursday March 16th, the first session of “Opinion Leaders with Us” took place at Saar Asamayim Synagogue.

The speaker of the first session was Oral Calislar.  Speaking at the opening night, Albert Benardete, Head of Saar Asamayim Synagogue explained that by hosting Turkey’s leading opinion leaders and writers, they will have the opportunity to learn about their thoughts and opinions on certain issues and ask them questions. The guest speaker list of “Opinion Leaders with Us” event that launched thanks to the efforts and hard work of Izi Hekimoglu includes Oral Calislar, Akif Beki, Mehmet  Tezkan, Salih Memecan and Mustafa Akyol.

The first guest speaker was journalist and writer Oral Calislar. Oral Calislar was accompanied by his wife, journalist and writer Ipek Calislar who was the news editor of notable news magazine Nokta that was published in 1980’s.

The theme of the first session was “Being an ‘other’ in Turkey”. Oral Calislar at his speech explained what people who are identified as “others” go through in Turkey in their daily lives and shared his own experiences. After explaining his own perspective on Turkey’s past and today, Calislar answered questions from audience. Ipek Calislar joined him at the Q&A section and shared her views as well. The pleasant chat continued till the late hours with the audience asking more and more questions.

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