A new section at the museum

At the second floor of The Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews, a new display unit is built for temporary exhibits.
A new section at the museum

The objects that will be consigned to museum collection will change in a rotating system thus allowing for more historic objects and documents to be unearthed. 

The first documents to be displayed at this unit are the notebooks that belonged to Gynecologist Dr. Salom Benhabib who kept the names of his patients, the dates of their deliveries and the sex of their babies born between 1956-1992 in these notebooks. These documents shedding light on the demographic structure of a certain period is considered significant in terms of collective memory. 

If you have any documents, ephemera or objects regarding Turkish Jews you wish to be displayed, you can contact the museum. 

For more information please contact Nisya İşman Allovi at (0212) 292 63 33/34.



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