A standing ovation to Goztepe Cultural Association (GKD)

A standing ovation to Goztepe Cultural Association (GKD)

Due to current general climate in Turkey, the morale is low and no one has the energy to make an attempt or take an initiative. While the situation is like this, a humble organization putting on  stage a huge production that tells a true traumatic story that has been engraved in the collective memory of Jews with such boldness, surely deserves a standing ovation. This initiative is not only valuable, but it is also historically significant. 

GKD’s theater team put on stage “Struma” a play that depicts the story of Struma vessel which had been torpedoed and blown by Russians on February 1942 and sank with its 769 passengers. The play tells the story of the disaster which Turkey is partially liable for by focusing on the thoughts, dreams and attitudes of different characters on the vessel rather than focusing on the incident’s political aspect. Struma, with its impeccable music, stage direction and dialogues will be remembered as a play that surpassed professional plays.  The young director Aksel Bonfil especially deserves credit, since even though the play was long, he managed to maintain the rhythm and creativity throughout the duration of the play. 

GKD’s young and bold president Dogan Yildiz’s next task should be to put Struma on more stages so that more people - other than the Jewish Community - could watch this play, as well.

To not forget Struma and to not let it be forgotten...

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