August 9, 20189 migrants dead as boat capsizes in western Turkey August 2, 2018Izmir Portuguese Synagogue becomes a social and cultural center August 1, 2018Invitation from Islamabad for Prof.Dr. Alp Gurkan July 31, 2018Honorary Diploma for Prof. Dr. Abut Kebudi July 30, 2018Moris Bencuya opens a kindergarten in Izmir for families with low income July 8, 2018MEB (Turkey’s Ministry of Education) starts a thorough investigation regarding posters containing hate speech July 3, 2018‘Turkish Jews’ Symposium at Graz University June 28, 2018Ottoman twilight: The last pashas of Ioannina June 27, 2018Jak Eskinazi elected as Chairman of Aegean Textile Exporters Association June 25, 2018MUSIC ROUTE: A feast of music that started with classical music and ended with traditional ethnic music June 22, 2018Turkish Sephardic Artists Ready to Leave Their Mark in London June 8, 20181100 people hosted at Iftar dinner in Edirne June 6, 2018Hungarian Gypsy Music, Balkans Music and Turkish Music all together in Edirne May 31, 2018Bat-Mitzvah Ceremony in Izmir May 23, 2018Nes and Estreyikas D’estambol returns from SANSEV Festival with an award